Thursday, 24 July 2014

Rizzle Kicks - Tell Her

Okay, now the Evian branding is gone, this has been upgraded from a guilty pleasure to just a straight pleasure. I used to despise these guys but this is an extremely well written pop song!

Dennis Culver

Dennis Culver has a great print up on his site with all the Wire characters, entitled 'All In The Game'.

Josh Hawkins - A Happy Medium

So many 'underground' skaters appearing at the moment with insane sections. Enter Josh Hawkins! Tailslide 270's off hubbas should not be allowed!!!!

Skull-ptures by Hedi Xandt

Wow! Hedi Xandt with some seriously dope Skull-ptures!

Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill - Gecko (Overdrive)

I absolutely despise this wave of 'deep house' that has sucked in the majority of Radio 1 sheep and chavs lately but I can't deny how funny this video is! Maybe pop it on mute!


Bit early for winter coats but certainly taking a look at Brixtol come autumn time!

DGK Blood Money

Be ready to pick your jaw up off the floor! Quise absolutely tears down every ledge in sight with perfection and complete bolts landings on everything!

Then a banging friends section before we end with Boo Johnson. Boo has the pop of a human grasshopper and you will need to rewind that hardflip back smith on a handrail... YES, on a handrail!!!! Utterly un-fuckable with! And that last rail too! I've had to watch this section about ten 15 times since it dropped last Friday!