Friday, 24 October 2014

Fleamadonna Double Button Coat

Girls always get the dopest clothes! Available over at Urban Outfitters

Jaden Smith - Blue Ocean

Junior is coming up fast!

Stories x A-S Dåvik

The suit, as envisioned by A-S Dåvik for Stories


Well, it has been a week of discovering new music over at Chateau Viola. And next up on the list is Bones. Not entirely sure where this guy hails from but he likes jerseys, camo pants and VHS edits, so he's fine by me!

Imagine if Trouble Andrew's stuff was all as good as Falling Apart with Uzi? Well, we don't need to imagine that as Bones fills that void!

Its morose, somber, angry! All the best emotions for dark winter nights.

There is an absolute slew of albums! Yes, albums, not mixtapes. He refuses to charge for his music, only for his live shows or merch.

I personally downloaded Cracker, Deadboy, Skinny, Teenwitch and Garbage and made my own playlist from my favourites on those. Teenwitch is a great project to start with and ease your way in from there.

Check out some of his sets over at SoundCloud and videos over at the Team Sesh YouTube

The following download links are instant downloads, via links from the Team Sesh YouTube:

Download TeenWitch here
Download Deadboy here
Download Garbage here
Download Skinny here

UNIF Menswear

Well I missed this development over at UNIF

Thursday, 23 October 2014

ILoveMakkonen feat. Drake - Tuesday

Co-sign, co-sign, co-sign! When Drake gonna start giving out OVO Owl pendants to the members?

Eric Dingus - Footage [Mixtape]